Property Bulletin




S/N property Description location Title/Purpose Amount Remarks
1. Five (5) Bedroom Detached house (all rooms en suite ) Shelter Afrique Extension C of O/ Residential 60 Million Naira (asking) For sale
2. Bare Land Measuring 1200sqm, fenced round with a gate Shelter Afrique (main) Letter of Allocation from MLTP/Residential 17 Million Naira


For Sale
3. Land Measuring 1000sqm at near the Doctors Quarters shelter Afrique Estate Letter of consent/ Residential 9.5 Million Naira For sale



4. 7 plots of land measuring 3500SQM Shelter Afrique Extension Communal ownership/ Mixed use 10 million Naira For sale
5. 701 sqm of land Shelter Afrique Extension Virgin land/Residential 3.5 Million Naira For sale
6. Bare Land measuring 811sqm Shelter Afrique Extension Virgin Land/ Residential 3.8 Million Naira For sale
7. Bare Land Measuring 1200sqm Shelter Afrique Extension Virgin Land / Residential 5 Million Naira For sale
8. Existing Detached property 5 Bedroom mansion , roofed enclosed within a perimeter fence Shelter Afrique near Emrosy Hotel C of O / Residential 60 Million Naira For sale

Not completed

9. Bare Land Measuring 1315sqm Unit F Ewet Housing Estate Deed of Sublease/ Residential 45 Million Naira  
10. Bare Land Measuring 1380sqm Unit C : Ewet Housing Estate Deed of sublease 45 million Naira


11. Three(3)Bedroom Bungalow on 1300sqm Land Unit F : Ewet Housing Estate Deed of sublease 50 Million Naira  
12. Three Bedroom Bungalow: 1300sqm Unit F: Ewet housing Behind Sun center Deed of sublease 50 Million Naira


13. Three Bedroom bungalow: 1300 sqm Unit F: Ewet Housing Estate Deed of sublease 45 Million Naira  


14. Three bedroom bungalow : 1000sqm Unit A: Ewet Housing Estate Deed of sublease 28 Million Naira


15. Four Bedroom Bungalow: 1150 Unit F: Ewet Housing Estate Deed of sublease/ Residential 50Million Naira  
16. Bare Land : 898sqm, Fenced Ifa Ikot Okpon Estate Letter of Allocation from MLTP 7 Million Naira(Negotiable)  
17. Bare Land : 500sqm Idoro Road near MFN ministries No title /residential 3.5 million Naira  
18. Dilapidated Tenement Building : 616sqm Nsentip street off Aka rd. Commercial 17 million Naira  
19. Uncompleted Estate:     8860 sqm Idoro road Mixed Use 150 million Naira


20. Bare Land : 7000 sqm Itam Industrial estate Mixed Use 50 Million Naira



21. Commercial Building: 600 sqm Oron road Near Plaza Commercial 100 Million Naira  
22. Land/ Dilapidated Building : 2439sqm Oron Road Commercial 110 Million Naira  
23. 24 rooms Hotel for sale : 4000sqm Mbiabong after shelter afrique estate Commercial 150 million naira  
24. Bare Land, fenced round and gated : 3867 sqm Ring road 3 Mixed Use 40 Million Naira Suitable for hotel/ Students apartments
25. Bare land: 500sqm Paul Bassey opp PHED Commercial 11Million Naira  
26. Filling station for sale with 6 pumps at etinan/ Afaha Nsit road near college of Education commercial 12 million Naira